How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone 15

Playing background sounds on your iPhone 15 can help you focus, relax, or fall asleep. It’s super easy! Just head to your settings, find the "Accessibility" option, and select "Audio/Visual." From there, you can turn on background sounds and choose your preferred type of sound. Read more to get the step-by-step details!

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone 15

By following these steps, you’ll be able to play soothing background sounds on your iPhone 15, enhancing your relaxation or concentration.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, open the Settings app on your iPhone 15.

Settings is where you’ll find all the controls for your phone. If you’re not sure where it is, look for a gray icon that looks like a gear.

Step 2: Go to Accessibility

Next, scroll down and tap on "Accessibility."

Accessibility is a feature designed to make your iPhone easier to use. It has options for vision, hearing, and interaction adjustments.

Step 3: Select Audio/Visual

Under Accessibility, select "Audio/Visual."

The Audio/Visual settings let you customize how your phone handles sound and video. You’ll find a lot of useful options here.

Step 4: Toggle on Background Sounds

Scroll down to find "Background Sounds" and toggle it on.

When you toggle this on, your phone will start playing ambient sounds like rain, ocean, or white noise. You can choose which sound you prefer.

Step 5: Choose Your Preferred Sound

Tap on "Sound" to select the type of background sound you want.

You have several choices like rain, ocean, and white noise. Pick the one that helps you relax or focus the most.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will start playing background sounds, creating a more relaxing or focused environment for you.

Tips for Playing Background Sounds on iPhone 15

  • Experiment with Different Sounds: Try different sounds to see which one you like best.
  • Adjust the Volume: Make sure the volume is set to a comfortable level.
  • Use with Other Apps: You can play background sounds while using other apps.
  • Set a Timer: Use a timer if you only want the sounds for a certain period.
  • Battery Life: Keep an eye on your battery life, as playing sounds can drain it faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play background sounds while using other apps?

Yes, you can play background sounds while using other apps on your iPhone 15.

How do I turn off background sounds?

To turn off background sounds, go back to the "Background Sounds" setting and toggle it off.

Can I customize the sound settings?

Yes, you can adjust the volume and choose from different types of sounds.

Will playing background sounds affect my battery life?

Playing background sounds may use more battery, so keep an eye on your battery level.

Are there any additional costs for using background sounds?

No, background sounds are a built-in feature of your iPhone 15 and are free to use.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. Select Audio/Visual.
  4. Toggle on Background Sounds.
  5. Choose your preferred sound.


Playing background sounds on your iPhone 15 is a simple yet effective way to enhance your day. Whether you’re looking to relax, focus, or get a good night’s sleep, these sounds can make a big difference. Follow the steps we’ve outlined, and you’ll be enjoying a customized audio experience in no time.

If you’re someone who frequently needs a calm environment, consider making background sounds a part of your daily routine. It’s a small change that can have a significant impact on your well-being.

For more tips and tricks on making the most out of your iPhone 15, be sure to check out other articles or guides. Dive into the settings, explore the features, and make your phone truly work for you. So go ahead, try it out, and enjoy the newfound tranquility that background sounds can bring to your life!