How to Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide


how to enable airplane mode on iphone 15

Enabling airplane mode on your iPhone 15 is a breeze! This feature quickly disables all wireless connections, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Just follow a few simple steps and you’re good to go. Here’s a quick overview: Open Control Center, tap the airplane icon, and voila! You’ve enabled airplane mode. Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details.

How to Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone 15

You’re about to learn how to enable airplane mode on your iPhone 15, step-by-step. This will help you quickly turn off all wireless communications, which is super handy when you’re flying or in any place where you’re asked to limit your phone’s wireless activity.

Step 1: Open Control Center

Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to open Control Center.

Control Center is a quick access panel that lets you control various settings on your iPhone. Swiping down from the top right should bring it up instantly.

Step 2: Tap the Airplane Icon

Tap the airplane icon to enable airplane mode.

The airplane icon should turn orange, signaling that airplane mode is now active. This means your cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections are turned off.

Step 3: Check for Confirmation

Ensure the airplane icon is highlighted, confirming airplane mode is enabled.

If you see the orange airplane icon at the top of your screen, you’re all set. This indicator tells you that all wireless connections are disabled.

Step 4: Adjust Settings If Needed

If you need to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can manually turn them back on while in airplane mode.

Sometimes, you might still need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while keeping your cellular connection off. You can go back into Control Center and toggle these settings as needed.

Step 5: Exit Control Center

Swipe up or tap outside the Control Center to exit.

This takes you back to your Home Screen or whatever app you were using, confirming that airplane mode is now in effect.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 15 will have all its wireless communications disabled, making it ready for safe use aboard an airplane or any other restricted area.

Tips for Enabling Airplane Mode on iPhone 15

  • Battery Saver: Airplane mode can help save battery life by turning off power-hungry wireless features.
  • Focus Mode: Use airplane mode to avoid distractions when you need to concentrate.
  • Quick Toggle: You can also enable airplane mode from the Settings app if you’re not a fan of Control Center.
  • Partial Airplane Mode: You can manually turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back on without affecting cellular connectivity if your situation permits.
  • Troubleshooting: If your phone is acting up, toggling airplane mode on and off can sometimes fix minor issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Wi-Fi while in airplane mode?

Yes, you can manually turn Wi-Fi back on after enabling airplane mode.

Do I need to enable airplane mode during every flight?

Yes, it’s generally required to comply with airline regulations.

Will I lose all my downloads in airplane mode?

No, any files or media already downloaded to your device will still be accessible.

Can I make emergency calls in airplane mode?

No, cellular connections are disabled in airplane mode, so you cannot make emergency calls.

Is Bluetooth completely disabled in airplane mode?

Initially, yes, but you can turn it back on manually if needed.

Steps Summary

  1. Open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Airplane Icon.
  3. Check for Confirmation.
  4. Adjust Settings If Needed.
  5. Exit Control Center.


There you have it! Enabling airplane mode on your iPhone 15 is really that simple. Whether you’re about to hop on a flight or just need a break from distractions, airplane mode is a handy feature. Remember, it’s not just for flights; it can help save battery and keep you focused. Give it a try the next time you need some peace and quiet or want to conserve battery life. For more useful tips and tricks, keep exploring your iPhone 15’s settings—you might discover features you didn’t even know existed. Happy flying!